Staying In Vogue With Bathroom Backsplash Designs

Gone are the days when bathrooms served solely as a utilitarian space. The bathrooms of today are an entire world in themselves, with specialty lighting and spa décor to set a mood.

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Keeping a bathroom looking its best year after year is effortless with the right bathroom backsplash. There are umpteen vintage and classy designs of bathroom backsplashes cedar rapids ia to choose from.

Add flair to the finishing with the perfect combination of texture, pattern, material, and color with these ideas below.

·    Faux concrete finish

This handcrafted design embodies an earthy feel that can include pops of greenery to give off an industrial vibe. A false concrete finish complements a modern vanity with a grey monotone. Stainless steel fittings add protection as well as shine to the entire look.

·    Mosaic makeup

Mosaic designs make for a perfect DIY solution since they come in large sheets that are easily applied. Choose from shimmering glass finishes and a plethora of color combinations to liven up the backsplash style.

·    Old school black and white

Never underestimate the simplicity of design that the two key colors bring to the fore. Black and white combinations make eye-catching schematics, especially with the narrow glass tiles serving as the focal image point.

·    Rustic touches

Bring in some cottage-style charm with the application of wooden planks and a hint of stain for texture enhancement. Match up the vanity with granite countertops to complement the rustic bathroom backsplash.

·    Patterned tiles

Always a classic choice, tiles with abstract or symmetric patterns make for a bold statement as a bathroom backsplash. Beautiful contrasts can get created by blending tile patterns and shapes, all on a budget.

Summing Up

There is every kind of material for every preference a homeowner may have for the ideal bathroom backsplash design. Bringing in global influences or sticking to the funkier wallpaper designs is a trend as long as someone utilizes them.

Appeal and protection can get found in every backsplash design, with a little help from the proper décor and fittings.